Cass Park Village

Part entrepreneurial, part artistic, this neighborhood has been conceived with individuality and expression in mind. Cass Park Village will build on the creative energy of nearby Wayne State University, Cass Technical High School and the 90-year-old Masonic Temple to become a hotbed for artists who will launch new ideas. This neighborhood will appeal to those who want to live and work in a tight-knit community within the boundaries of an urban city.

Cass Park Village will be home to independent shops, local markets and galleries, and residents will sense a relaxed atmosphere with a free-spirited attitude that is not pretentious or flashy. Like a small town, this close-knit community will encourage people to get to know each other. The daytime atmosphere will be friendly as shop owners and cafe start-ups welcome visitors, offering conversations about neighborhood happenings and current events in comfortable and casual surroundings. Nighttime will be equally laid-back as neighbors meet in the backyard for informal get-togethers or at the park for pickup softball. For those seeking something a bit livelier, local bars and galleries will come alive, offering events from poetry slams to local garage bands to full-out launch parties.

Cass Park Village Map

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