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Ilitch Organizations’ Recent Donation Brings Special Safety Dogs to Detroit


Ilitch Charities and the Detroit Tigers Foundation recently partnered to donate three bomb-sensing dogs to local law enforcement agencies including the Michigan State Police, Wayne State University Public Safety Department and the Detroit Police Department.

The donation of $135,000 to purchase three highly-trained dogs will provide the latest in explosion detection technology. Called Vapor Wake, these dogs smell and target the odor of hand-carried or body-worn explosives while a target is in motion. The dogs can screen hundreds of people attending a sporting event or concert in a non-obtrusive way.

If someone is carrying explosive material, it will leave a scent trail that the dog will detect and lead a trained handler to the source of the scent. They are the first of their kind in Michigan.

On May 25, law enforcement agencies and representatives from professional sports teams throughout the Midwest were on hand at Comerica Park as Ilitch Charities and the Detroit Tigers Foundation presented the donation to the Michigan State Police, Wayne State University Public Safety Department and Detroit Police Department.

Attendees were also given a demonstration of the Vapor Wake dogs and their abilities.

Patrons can expect to see the three newest members of Michigan’s law enforcement team at events and locations throughout the summer and fall, including sporting events, concerts, airports, theaters and large event venues throughout southeast Michigan.

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