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Installation of Precast Concrete Seating Area Begins

Arena seats will be bolted down to it and fans will stand and cheer on it but only a few will ever notice the concrete under their feet at the new Detroit Events Center.

This isn’t just any concrete though. Seats will be bolted down to rows of concrete manufactured by some of Metro Detroit’s finest skilled labor.

It takes quite a bit of planning, skill and experience to fabricate concrete in a process known as precasting, in which concrete is formed into shapes like tiered stadia.

In River Rouge, International Precast Solutions is manufacturing the precast stadia less than 10 miles from the Detroit Events Center. A total of 763 pieces will form the arena’s stands—some pieces weighing as much as 38,000 pounds.

Detroit-headquartered Midwest Steel, Inc. is placing the arena’s steel and precast stadia as well as precast concrete for the parking deck.

Construction of precast concrete for the arena is being completed in two phases. The first phase, in the upper bowl, will be completed in April. The second phase, in the lower bowl, will run between June and August.

Olympia Development of Michigan set a target of at least 30 percent Detroit-based or -headquartered business participation in constructing the new Detroit Events Center. To date, nearly $200 million in contracts have been awarded to Detroit-based or –headquartered businesses.

All contractors and subcontractors have also agreed to Olympia’s aggressive goal of 51 percent Detroit resident employment in construction of the new arena.

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