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Guide Dog Apprentice Learns the Ropes on one of the Coolest Projects in the City

The Detroit Events Center construction site is a unique place full of trucks and cranes that are in constant motion—one new apprentice is learning the ropes and at the same time putting smiles on the faces of construction workers from all over the jobsite.

Rosie the Riveter, the name given to an adorable Black Lab, spends most days on the jobsite inside the construction trailer of Detroit-based Midwest Steel, whose ironworkers are currently placing the 10,000 tons of steel that make up the frame of the new arena.

She’s a five-month-old future guide dog under the care of Molly and Adam Bobo—both employees of Midwest Steel—who are in the process of socializing her for the Rochester Hills-based Leader Dogs for the Blind.

As volunteers in the Leader Dogs’ “Puppy Raiser” program, the Bobos are teaching Rosie the basics of how to be a dog, like staying off the furniture at home, but also how to stay safe in a loud and active environment like a construction site.

“There are a lot of people that walk in and out of the trailer,” said Molly Bobo, Midwest Steel office manager. “It teaches her not to get excited when someone new enters her world.”

A construction site is an ideal place for Rosie to regularly meet new people, see vehicle traffic first hand and hear plenty of loud noises.

Rosie was bred to be a guide dog for a visually-impaired person and she’ll spend her first year training with the Bobos at the Detroit Events Center construction site. After she graduates and gets placed in a new home she’ll undoubtedly be a Detroit Red Wings fan for life.

“Let’s go Red Wings,” said Rosie.


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