Olympia Entertainment and Olympia Development Open the District Detroit and New Arena Preview Center

Preview center will drive investment in Detroit by bringing office, retail and residential development opportunities to life in stunning detail

Showcases opportunities for sponsorship and suite investment in the new events center

The 10,000 square-foot space is 100 percent Michigan Made, Detroit Built

DETROIT, MICH. — Olympia Entertainment and Olympia Development have opened a state-of-the-art Preview Center in the northwest corner of Comerica Park. The Preview Center features three dimensional-printed scaled animated models of The District Detroit and the new arena to provide a fully immersive experience of the transformative project.

“The new Detroit arena is going to offer one-of-a-kind fan experiences and reflect the excitement and energy associated with all that is going on in our hometown,” said Tom Wilson, President of Olympia Entertainment. “The Preview Center is equally amazing, redefining how experiences like this are shared prior to the opening of the arena.”

While the Preview Center will be used for a wide range of events, the primary use for the next 24 months is to tell The District Detroit and Events Center story to a wide variety of potential investors, sponsors and suite and season ticket holders. Driving effective retail, office and residential leasing through the Preview Center will support the positive economic impact of these developments for Detroit and Michigan.

The Preview Center was developed jointly by Olympia Entertainment and Olympia Development to create a unique environment for businesses and investors to experience the dynamic concepts that will soon be coming to life. Detroit-based business L.S. Brinker served as General Contractor of the 100 percent Michigan Made, Detroit Built project.

“A space like this helps all of us visualize how transformational this project is going to be for the city,” said Wilson. “Through the use of incredible models, video, sound, graphics and technology, the Preview Center creates an immersive experience that is sure to amaze.”

Since opening, 26 of the 52 suites at the new arena have been sold. Retail, residential and office leasing will accelerate in the summer and fall of this year.

Preview Center Features:

  • District Model – 109 square feet; complete vignette video projection and audio system.
  • Arena Model – 42 square feet; complete vignette video projection and audio system.
  • Inventory System – Complete listing of suite options plus sponsorship and season ticket opportunities.
  • Full Size Suite – A 600 square foot replica of a suite for a fully immersive experience.
  • View From Seat – Event Center view from every suite, club and general section view for season tickets.
  • Red Wings Lockers – Three authentic Red Wings lockers featuring the club’s captains Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk and Niklas Kronwall.
  • Memorabilia – Various Red Wings and entertainment experiences are captured throughout the space, including a 9’ 0” × 7’ 0” laser engraved Winged Wheel logo containing the names of every member of the eleven Red Wings Stanley Cup champion teams, Gordie Howe/Bill Gadsby 49th birthday skate swap exhibit, Michigan Made Suppliers Board Exhibit.
  • Historic Zamboni – Push-behind ice restoring (Zamboni) machine used up through the 1965 season.

The Preview Center is initially open to businesses and investors who are interested in opportunities in The District Detroit and the new Detroit arena. Open house events and season ticket holder appointments will begin early next year. In addition, The District will open an information center later this year for the public to learn more about this transformative project. More information, including a video walkthrough of the Preview Center, is available at DistrictDetroit.com.

About the Detroit Events Center

Home to the Detroit Red Wings, other sports and entertainment events, concerts, family shows and community functions, the Detroit Events Center will feature a dramatic arena bowl, proximity to the action and great sight lines. Rich with the tradition of the Original Six Detroit Red Wings and Detroit’s incredible musical heritage, the new Detroit Arena will also feature state-of-the-art technology and fan amenities. The Detroit Events Center will open in 2017, and it’s going to deliver amazing experiences.

About The District Detroit

The District Detroit will be made up of a dynamic mix of sports and entertainment venues, including six world-class theatres and three multi-use sports venues – home to the Detroit Red Wings, the Detroit Tigers and the Detroit Lions. The District Detroit will also feature residential, office and retail developments that connect these venues into one contiguous, walkable area, where families, sports fans, entrepreneurs, job seekers, entertainment lovers and others who crave a vibrant urban setting can connect with each other and the city they love.

Construction of the arena and surrounding District is expected to generate at least $1.8 billion in total economic impact, 8,300 construction and construction-related jobs and 1,100 permanent jobs. More than $100 million in income from the Events Center project alone is expected for Detroit residents, with significant additional income to be created through future private development. Learn more at www.DistrictDetroit.com.

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