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Students Lay Ground Work for Construction Careers

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High school students from throughout Michigan attended Michigan Construction Career Days May 4-5 to learn about career paths in the construction industry. The goal of the annual event is to introduce young people to career opportunities in construction trades like carpentry, mechanical and electrical work.

Construction is a growing industry in Michigan that’s attracting more people every day as development projects such as The District Detroit drive economic growth even beyond the city of Detroit.

As part of its effort to invest in the next generation of Michigan’s workforce, Olympia Development of Michigan joined forces with state and local partners and served as a sponsor of the two-day event. Olympia Development of Michigan is the Ilitch organization leading the development of The District Detroit.

Students from Detroit schools and beyond were given the opportunity to swing a hammer, lay bricks and even operate heavy equipment during the event. Union representatives and college counselors were also on hand to help students learn about the next steps toward their career path in construction.

The District Detroit will ultimately account for a total economic impact of more than $2 billion and create more than 12,500 construction and construction-related jobs in addition to 1,100 permanent jobs.

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About The District Detroit

The District Detroit is one of the largest sports and entertainment developments in the country. Located in the heart of Detroit, this 50-block, mixed-use development led by the Ilitch organization unites six world-class theaters, five neighborhoods and three professional sports venues in one vibrant, walkable destination for people who want to live, work and play in an exciting urban environment. Home to the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Pistons and Detroit Lions - The District Detroit represents the greatest density of professional sports teams in one downtown core in the country.