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Truss Installation on Little Caesars Arena Via Concourse Underway

Work on the Via concourse at Little Caesars Arena, one of the most exciting and visible features of the project, got underway this week as crews began hoisting into place painted-white steel trusses that span the open-air walkway surrounding the arena bowl.

The Via concourse is a 61,000 square-foot, covered pedestrian walkway that includes new offices, retail stores, and dining experiences open to the public year-round.

The first of 65 trusses, which stretch from 40 to 115 feet long, was placed recently between the arena and adjacent office buildings being constructed on both Woodward Avenue and Henry Street. The roof of the Via concourse will be clear, allowing for daylight to shine down on the 80-foot tall atrium space.

“On the south side of Little Caesars Arena you’re going to have this big vast expanse with natural daylight. You’ll be able to see the stars at night,” said Justin Barnes, Project Manager for Barton Malow Hunt White, the arena construction manager. “It’s really going to be a hallmark feature for the building.”

Known as a Texlon ETFE Roof System, the covering consists of steel trusses that will be covered with a plastic cushion material—a high-tech plastic that is inflated with air and acts similar to a skylight, the first of its kind in Michigan.

The process of installing the Texlon ETFE Roof System will take about two months, wrapping up at the end of March. The plastic roof covering will be installed beginning next week.

This unique roofing material creates a clean and simple look that makes the concourse open and airy.

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